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Hi. My name is Amanda, and I am addicted to painting.
I'm really glad you're here, and you're taking the time to read about my story. It's a long one so I won't bore you with the details, but I will tell you this:

I believe in handwritten letters. I believe in mermaids. I believe in the healing power of salt water: tears, sweat, and the ocean. I believe in the call of the moon. I believe that real is better than perfect. I believe in bear hugs and belly laughs. I believe in putting family first. I believe that words are stronger than swords. I believe in firm handshakes. I believe in being yourself. I believe in telling the truth even when your voice shakes. I believe in cuddling up with your favorite books. I believe that peanut butter is good for the soul. I believe animals are people too. I believe in putting out into the universe what you want to get back. I believe in cuddling. I believe in love. I believe in having big dreams. And I believe in you.

hi friends, i'm amanda.

I can’t help myself. I love my job!

i'm a workaholic.

Beaches are definitely my thing.

i lived in north carolina.

Can you tell?

my puppy is my baby.

I started this shop YEARS ago with no real ambition or direction, so for those years it has floundered. Then, in October of 2017, I was struck with inspiration. I discovered the art of hand painted bibles, and a dream was born.

I struggled at first with whether or not I should paint the bibles, since for many years I did not identify as a Christian. But by and by, the creation of the bibles sparked in me a desire to open my heart and learn again, and so far He has not let me down. Not long after I started painting the bibles, I heard a sermon at my brother's church that really struck a chord in me. "Do not fear, just believe," is what God told me through this sermon.

t is definitely an uphill battle and a learning curve for a sarcastic, introverted gal like me, but I'm working on it. :)

I am blessed and happy to say that I have had a lot of success creating these custom bibles for some wonderful Christian people, and I hope to continue to further this dream to a point where I can do it full time.

I won't be bothered at all if you want to help me get there by choosing me to hand paint your dream bible. :)

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Gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted.

- emily m.

Amanda worked hard to make this PERFECT. Thank you so much. The Bible is stunning.

- diane

Pardon me for my late review but I want to say my bible is beautiful and my vision what was I expected and you delivered. I have received so many compliments about the bible cover and the tabs. I Love It So Much .  Thank you for allowing me to do business with you .

- Jessica

This is absolutely an amazing purchase and totally worth the money. I gave her totally specific things I envisioned for the Bible, from the verse to the painting to the spine. I waited to order it until about a week before my vacation since I didn't want it to arrive while I was gone, and the day before I left, it arrived on my door step, even more perfect then I envisioned, so I got to take it with me 😍! she is so amazing and totally honors crazy requests. if you're considering buying a Bible from her - buy it!! I feel so encouraged to read it more now that I have such a beautiful cover. I want to take it with me everywhere.

- Kaylee

If I could rate more than 5 stars, I would!
The best shop I’ve done business with on Etsy!
My hand painted Bible exceeded my expectations and so did the customer service. I was so difficult with shipping and changing last minute things on my bible and she was completely understanding and helpful!
I would definitely recommend getting one of these for yourself or a loved one!!

- roxy

I wish I had a photo I could share with you all! But Manda was incredible! She worked so patiently with me to bring my vision to life and really help me create the perfect bible! She is so talented and works so diligently on her orders! I feel so blessed that I came across her page and decided to order from her! She will definitely be getting my future business! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! If there was more stars I'd give them to her!

- Soleil

Where do I begin? Amanda was completely wonderful to work with. She listened to all of my desires regarding colors and design for my daughter's custom painted Bible, and offered terrific guidance and understanding. She is an extremely talented artist and her top priority is to fully satisfy her customers, wanting them to be completely delighted. Her Bibles are absolutely beautiful and will be true heirlooms for any who are lucky enough to find Amanda and trust her with their order. Her professionalism and sincere level of service to her customers makes the ordering process easy and satisfying. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Amanda!!

- jennifer

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